Due to extreme business we will not be taking any reservations for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 1th of September.   Thank you for your understanding.

Very thin Turkish pizza covered with seasoned minced lamb and onions, fresh tomatoes, parsley and red peppers
Ispanaklı Pide
Spinach with red peppers, onions feta cheese
Kuşbaşılı Pide
Diced lamb with green peppers, parsley, red pepper and tomatoes Yoğurtlu Patlıcan
Kıymalı Pide
Minced lamb, onions, fresh tomatoes, parsley and peppers
Tavuklu Pide
Diced chicken, fresh tomato, green and red peppers,
parsley and cheddar cheese
Sucuklu Pide
Garlic sausage & cheddar cheese
Peynirli Pide
Feta cheese with tomato
green peppers and parsley
Sebzeli Pide
Pide with vegetables, mozzarella cheese
Kaşarlı Pide
Pide with cheddar cheese

*A discretionary 10% service charge will be added.