Mini lamb -stuffed dumplings topped with yogurt and butter
İçli Köfte
Stuffed fine bulgur with minced lamb, minced onions, dressed with red butter sauce served with yogurt
Sarma Beyti
Fresh prime chicken or lamb finely chopped, blended with herbs, garlic and spices. Wrapped in fresh baked flat bread dressed with thick creamy butter and our house tomato sauce. served with yogurt and rice
Yoğurtlu Dishes
Choice of lamb, chicken or adana on a bed of crouton bread, fresh tomato sauce, creamy yoghurt, drizzled with melted butter
Halep Kebab
Minced lamb on a bed of crouton bread, fresh tomato sauce drizzled with melted butter
Altı Ezmeli Kuzu Shish
Lean tender cubes of lamb skewered and grilled over charcoal, chopped on grilled tomatoes and greem peppers
Ali Nazik Chicken OR Lamb
A choice of lamb shish or chicken shish smoked aubergine and creamy yogurt dressed with sizzling butter
Fıstık Kebab
Specially prepared, char grilled minced chicken or lamb with grilled aubergines and onion, wrapped in than home made bread with cheddar cheese. Than cooked in a oven to perfection and topped with yoghurt, tomato sauce, pistachio and drizzled

*A discretionary 10% service charge will be added.

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